El Área de Conservación Arenal Tempisque (ACAT) es una de las 11 áreas que conforman el Sistema  Nacional de Áreas de Conservación (SINAC) bajo la dirección del Ministerio del Ambiente y Energía. Esta área fue constituida enoctubre de 1991; abarca aproximadamente 395.046.14 hectáreas; que equivale el 7.73% del territorio nacional.

 Está ubicada en la parte norte-central de Costa Rica entre las latitudes 10° 00” y 10° 50” norte y longitud 84° 30” y 85° 30” oeste, comprende parte de la Cordillera Volcánica de Guanacaste y de la Cordillera de Tilarán. Se destacan en esta región los volcanes Miravalles y Tenorio, así como también el Embalse Arenal, principal fuente energética y de riego del país y de desarrollo turístico de la zona, éste incluye un lago de agua dulce de unas 8,317 hectáreas, el cual fue declarado Sitio Ramsar el 16 de marzo del año 2000.

Fuente: Felipe Morera V.  © Derechos ReservadosOtro sitio Ramsar presente en el ACAT, se encuentra en el Parque Nacional Palo Verde, ubicado en la cuenca baja del Río Tempisqueconsiderada una zona de vital importancia como sitio de reproducción y alimentación para una gran cantidad de especies de aves acuáticas, migratorias y residentes, como también de especies en peligro de extinción,  constituyéndose en una de las zonas de anidamiento más grandes del país.

 Políticamente abarca parte de 10 cantones y 32 distritos de las provincias de Guanacaste, Alajuela y Puntarenas; de toda la extensión territorial del Área; actualmente el 24.84 % lo constituyen las áreas silvestres protegidas, 28.81 % a corredores biológicos y el porcentaje restante corresponde al área de influencia.

Más del 70% de la energía hidroeléctrica del país se genera en esta Área de Conservación, que además cuenta con más del 90% de producción de energía eólica y geotérmica.

En ésta Área de Conservación están presentes una alta diversidad de ambientes, ecosistemas y especies, distribuidos en ocho zonas de vida diferentes que van del bosque tropical seco al bosque pluvial montano bajo, con igual número de zonas en transición ecológica. Por el variado relieve altitudinal (del nivel del mar hasta los 2028 metros de altitud), se da un variado régimen climático y presencia de formaciones geológicas de diferentes edades.


Su flora y fauna es muy variada con numerosas especies de aves, mamíferos, anfibios, reptiles y  una gran cantidad de grupos taxonómicos de insectos y hongos, además ésta Área de Conservación tiene animales en peligro de extinción como el jaguar (Panthera onca)y la danta (Tapirus bairdii), entre otros, estando presentes las 6 especies de felinos silvestres del país.

Además se han identificado alrededor de 190 plantas que están presentes en el Área de Conservación que son endémicas de Costa Rica, algunas de ellas endémicas del Área. Solo en Monteverde están representadas 70 de las 103 familias de árboles reportadas para el país y el 21.23% de las especies de orquídeas.

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A chamfer machine is also known as a pipe beveling machine. In many models it features a ductile iron vise, singular ball rails, top plating and spindle housings. These machines are more often used as deburring machines. They are quite useful for a number of purposes.

The machines which are used for pipe beveling are usually available in a lot of variations to make them more useful. There are single or double ended machines which are usually used as finishing equipments to make that finishing cut on bar stocks or cut tubes.

There are several benefits of the chamfering machine, which include:

  • You don’t have to hand grind or torch your welded bevels anymore
  • You will be ensured better safety than hand grinding
  • You can cycle it normally within 5 to 20 seconds
  • These machines have lower costs, generally
  • These machines, weld bevels pretty accurately
  • They face the pipe square
  • The automated pipe welding machines are faster than the normal bevels.

Several times sawing or punching helps us to cut a material. This is usually done by the process of deburring or chamfering a part of the object on one or both ends. This chamfering may be done to remove the burr or to make machinery on the ID or OD of the parts concerned.

These machines are very flexible on the way they are loaded. They are either magazine loaded manually or loaded by cutting off from the source directly. The process of chamfering is done by holding a piece at a certain position and rotating its cutters into the work piece. It is really easy when you see it working.

In addition to chamfering, these machines can also be used in drilling, facing, tapping and turning. To get the right finish always use these machines.

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There seems to be a recurring controversy or confusion over whether or not the shuffle feature is truly random. It may not be as a great or enduring mystery as who created Stonehenge, or crop circles or who was Jack the Ripper, but it still deserves to be addressed.

The idea behind the Shuffle mode is that the next song will be truly random and unpredictable, much like an audience member picking a card from a magician’s stack. But is this idea the reality? Or do we misinterpret what the Shuffle feature is and does?

According to Steven Levy, who has written an authoritative book about the iPod and knows almost as much about Apple as did Steve Jobs, the shuffle feature does indeed work in the same way as choosing a card from a shuffled deck. If you pick out a card from the shuffled deck, and then choose another card from it, and then another and so on, you will eventually pick 52 cards just once each.

The same concept applies to Shuffle feature. The problem, though, is in listening to all of louisville colleges the songs available. Many people have 800 songs, and cannot listen to all of them to verify this. Thus, they reshuffle the playlist and get different interpretations.

On the other hand, it may not be random. If you flip a coin 1000 times, then it ought to land heads 500 times and tails 500 times. In actuality, it may be 501 and 499.

Regardless, do enjoy listening to the songs that you have obtained through your free itunes codes.

Worker’s injury compensation helps an employee who has been injured due to accidents while within the workplace. A serious physical injury may affect his/her career and ultimately lead to a job loss. This ends a regular source of income for the person and in addition to that, the person has to undergo several treatment and medicinal expenses. Thus, it becomes the duty of the company to provide the workers compensation, since the accident has taken place within the office premises, though it was unintentional for the employer.

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