El Área de Conservación Arenal Tempisque (ACAT) es una de las 11 áreas que conforman el Sistema  Nacional de Áreas de Conservación (SINAC) bajo la dirección del Ministerio del Ambiente y Energía. Esta área fue constituida enoctubre de 1991; abarca aproximadamente 395.046.14 hectáreas; que equivale el 7.73% del territorio nacional.

 Está ubicada en la parte norte-central de Costa Rica entre las latitudes 10° 00” y 10° 50” norte y longitud 84° 30” y 85° 30” oeste, comprende parte de la Cordillera Volcánica de Guanacaste y de la Cordillera de Tilarán. Se destacan en esta región los volcanes Miravalles y Tenorio, así como también el Embalse Arenal, principal fuente energética y de riego del país y de desarrollo turístico de la zona, éste incluye un lago de agua dulce de unas 8,317 hectáreas, el cual fue declarado Sitio Ramsar el 16 de marzo del año 2000.

Fuente: Felipe Morera V.  © Derechos ReservadosOtro sitio Ramsar presente en el ACAT, se encuentra en el Parque Nacional Palo Verde, ubicado en la cuenca baja del Río Tempisqueconsiderada una zona de vital importancia como sitio de reproducción y alimentación para una gran cantidad de especies de aves acuáticas, migratorias y residentes, como también de especies en peligro de extinción,  constituyéndose en una de las zonas de anidamiento más grandes del país.

 Políticamente abarca parte de 10 cantones y 32 distritos de las provincias de Guanacaste, Alajuela y Puntarenas; de toda la extensión territorial del Área; actualmente el 24.84 % lo constituyen las áreas silvestres protegidas, 28.81 % a corredores biológicos y el porcentaje restante corresponde al área de influencia.

Más del 70% de la energía hidroeléctrica del país se genera en esta Área de Conservación, que además cuenta con más del 90% de producción de energía eólica y geotérmica.

En ésta Área de Conservación están presentes una alta diversidad de ambientes, ecosistemas y especies, distribuidos en ocho zonas de vida diferentes que van del bosque tropical seco al bosque pluvial montano bajo, con igual número de zonas en transición ecológica. Por el variado relieve altitudinal (del nivel del mar hasta los 2028 metros de altitud), se da un variado régimen climático y presencia de formaciones geológicas de diferentes edades.


Su flora y fauna es muy variada con numerosas especies de aves, mamíferos, anfibios, reptiles y  una gran cantidad de grupos taxonómicos de insectos y hongos, además ésta Área de Conservación tiene animales en peligro de extinción como el jaguar (Panthera onca)y la danta (Tapirus bairdii), entre otros, estando presentes las 6 especies de felinos silvestres del país.

Además se han identificado alrededor de 190 plantas que están presentes en el Área de Conservación que son endémicas de Costa Rica, algunas de ellas endémicas del Área. Solo en Monteverde están representadas 70 de las 103 familias de árboles reportadas para el país y el 21.23% de las especies de orquídeas.

You know that remodeling, and especially green home remodel san diego, makes the value of your home go up. For example, if you spend $10,000 on a home remodeling project then the value could go up $30,000 in the immediate future and even more in the longer term. However, what if you do not have the $10,000 to spend on the project? There are several sources that can provide such financial assistance.


  • The FHA’s (Federal Housing Administration’s) Energy Efficient Mortgage (often referred to as EEM), now offered through HUD (Housing and Urban Development) at portal.hud.gov. This can be obtained when you buy the home, refinancing an existing mortgage, or preparing to sell the home. The amount of the loan is determined by a home energy audit, or through the home energy rating system.
  • Energy Star Mortgage is also offered through the federal government (and can be found at energystar.gov). This can be made available when the renovations result in a 20% or more reduction in energy usage.
  • Other government programs. There are many state and local programs. For the city of San Diego, there is the Sustainable Building Expedited Permit Program. More programs can be found at programs.dsireusa.org.
  • Private lenders. Look for a bank that offers the HARP (Home Affordable Refinance Program). Many of the features appeal and apply to green home remodeling.

Once you have obtained the loan and done the necessary improvements then be sure to take advantage of any applicable home energy tax credit.

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In the present days there are lots of incidents where it is seen that the teenagers are addicted in drugs and alcohols. But the families fear admitting them in the rehabs for teens due to some misconceptions which are not at all linked to the treatment of their children. Here is a list of misconceptions that must be avoided in such conditions where your child needs immediate care from the rehabs.

There is a myth related to the rehabs that these work like that of jails. But this is absolutely false. No one can force you to stay there and one is free to leave the rehabilitation centre at any time they want. It must be understood that people who take admission in the rehab is not because they have committed a crime, but they are there because of their betterment. Rehabs are built so that they can develop their mental strength and confidence and also get rid of their addiction towards drugs. This is not any kind of punishment.

Another misconception that is prevalent is that, if anyone is admitted in a rehabilitation centre, all of their past will be exposed which will make them feel ashamed. But this is not all true. Those who take admission in the rehabs, their records are kept absolutely confidential and nothing is disclosed to anyone. Thus, you can rest assured; your child will be safe there. The rehabs are simply a place for treatment with the only objective to cure people.

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Many people take their tap water for granted. At the same time, many people drink bottled water and/or have water filters at home. There are many types of water filtration systems. Two types that seem to stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of their effectiveness, popularity and ease are reverse osmosis and water distiller systems. This article will discuss water distillers.

There may be more exact and accurate definitions but distillation can be thought of as the process of boiling water, and then allowing the steam to collect and condense in a receptacle. The condense steam (water) is free from bacteria, contaminants, pollutants, particles and minerals. It is considered to be the purest and safest form of drinking water.

Water distillers are electrical appliances that create this process. They are usually compact and can fit on a countertop, but there are also large versions that are intended for industrial or commercial purposes. Those for the home are quite affordable; they are certainly more effective than buying a liter of bottled water every day. However, not all distillers are created equal. Moreover, the appliance can take some time before the process is completed. You ought to read reviews of the specific models before buying one, especially for your family and for children who are used to getting water immediately.

Some people may consider distillation to be too much of a good thing in that it also removes helpful minerals. However, if you are eating well-balanced meals and/or taking vitamins, minerals or supplements then this should not be much of a concern.

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There are so many sports being played all around the world. These are very exciting and time passing. Many sports will give some heart stopping moments. The fans will only enjoy these moments as a part of the game, but the real profit gainers from these heart stopping moments in sports are the betting people. They will bet on every moment of the game and thus they will get huge amount of profit if the game enters in to some exciting situation. The betting business is considered to be one of the most money flowing business in the entire world. Not all the countries are allowing the betting as a legal business.
In many countries, it is rated as a crime. In these countries, people doing gambling will be arrested and will be sent to jail. In the other countries, the authorities itself promote it as it is one of the major sources of revenue for those countries.

The major countries promoting the betting companies are the United Kingdom and Australia. In these countries, there are several top companies established themselves in the field of betting. Almost all sports are involved in betting; however, the sports which are interested by people to bet on are horse racing and American football. These sports are considered to be the perfect ones to bet on. Millions of money will be flowed into a single horse racing event. People will bet on each horses which are participating in the event. The horse which win the contest will give chance for the people who bet on it to acquire millions.

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One of the most famous company which is in business at present who is providing excellent betting services for the people around the world is the Australian based betting company named Luxbet. They began working in 2008 and they became the integral part of the betting industry in Australia in a small time. Now, the number of users for them is considered to be the highest among all the betting companies located in Australia.

Electronic Cigarette otherwise known as e-cigarette or e-cigs which now has goring demand all over the world. We all know that cigarettes are harmful to our health and due to its large demerits on people, some of the governments have taken preventive measures and some even ban smoking. Due to the smoking ban, now has more rush towards this device. There are many companies which has the deals of e-cigarettes. It is kind of mechanical device which has the exact look of real cigs but only difference is it will not produce smoke like the real ones. What is inside an Electronic Cigarette?

E-liquid is the main ingredient of e-cigars. This liquid has nicotine substance which main thing gives the smoke flavor. When air passes through the cylinder, there produce a nicotine aerosol which gives out the smoke.e cigarette There is another chemical called PG (Propylene Glycol) gives the vapor a smoke look. The smoke coming out from the device is odorless.

se2The device is often sold out as a packages or kit. The one package contains the device, rechargeable batteries, charger and cartridges. We can change the cartridges according to our needs. Every night, one has to charge the battery for using it next day. There is no tar, tobacco and carbon monoxide substance inside the device. And so, there is no chance of getting cancer by using an e-cig. Only thing is after having one puff, the person will feel sore throats and bad taste. Now there are many famous companies all over the world which produces the e-cigarettes like cigelectric and there are online store  Couples Sex Toy availabilities for buying e-cigarettes also.